The East Georgia State College Police strive to do all that is possible to build an environment that promotes a feeling of safety 和 security. Whether your business here is as a student, faculty member, staff, parent, athletic fan, visitor, or for any other reason, we are working hard to make the campus a place in which you can safely live, work, learn or recreate. 警察学院 officers patrol the Swainsboro campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The officers provide police related services to the campus community.  For students at the EGSC-Augusta location, Augusta University provides campus police services. For students at the EGSC-Statesboro location, Georgia Southern University provides campus police services.

Officers of the EGSC 警察局 protect life 和 property, preserve the peace, prevent 和 repress crime, investigate reported offenses, apprehend offenders, 和 enforce regulations 和 laws relating to traffic control. They also collect 和 preserve physical evidence, prepare cases for court prosecution or disciplinary action, recover lost 和 stolen property, provide general police services to the college community, 和 establish 和 maintain an enforcement policy which is consistent with the requirements of the law 和 with the best traditions of a democratic society.

The College Police task is to provide a fair, educationally sound program of justice that receives community support is responsive to the interests of all its constituents 和 assures orderly preservation of the ideals of scholarship 和 the protection of 学术自由. A policy that provides for a minimum of administrative enforcement 和 a maximum of student self-regulation will offer the student the best possible education as to responsibilities as a citizen of the college. Officers have the discretion to issue warnings 和 refer minor or first offenses to the institutions’ own judicial systems for resolution. However, serious law violations including all felonies are subject to appropriate criminal prosecution. College Police follows federal, state 和 local laws 和 enforces University System of GeorgiaEGSC政策. Students are also subject to Augusta University 和 Georgia Southern University 政策.

The EGSC 警察局 encourages community involvement 和 aid in identifying program areas to inform the community of crime prevention methods. 警察学院 officers will establish a spirit of cooperation which will ensure orderly procedures 和 safeguard the rights of individuals 和 protect the college’s interests.

The EGSC 警察局 offers a variety of crime prevention programs 和 information sources to help the College community deal with safety issues. Crime statistics 和 other police related information is available on our website. Many other services are available by contacting the police department by calling the emergency number at (478) 289-2090. 

To contact the Augusta University 警察局, 打电话给706-721-2911 or visit their website.

To contact the Georgia Southern University 警察局, 打电话给912-478-5234 or visit their website.